We are accepting ships to be transferred from one Society to IMC. Following successful completion of our surveys, IMC Surveyors issue on spot the applicable Classification and Statutory Certificates.

Your initial request is handled by our department that will usually request the following documents:

  • IMC application form duly completed to clearly specify the losing Society.  This will allow us to contact the losing Society and request further information for your ship.
  • Copies of Classification Certificate
  • Copies of Statutory Certificates
  • An updated Survey status report from losing Society
  • Valid flag State certificates. In case your ship is changing flag, the anticipated flag Administration must be stated in our application form.

It is our practice during the surveys to be conducted to be a continuation of ship’s survey cycle. In case your ship is not within the window for a survey then the minimum scope of surveys to be conducted on board is annuals.

Our Marine Division will submit to you a “Pre-survey Information Sheet” that includes all necessary information for preparing your vessel.  In this sheet you will also find your obligations for Health and Safety (H&S) matters on board such as the conditions under which our surveyors may conduct the survey, requirements for access to structures, survey at sea or at anchorage etc.

Upon successful completion of our surveys, the Surveyor will issue Provisional/Short Term Certificates with validity five months (provisional) or 3 months (short term) from the date of completion of the surveys.

Full Term Certificates are issued by IMC and upon successful review of the ship’s file.


Please contact us for more information