With an aim to reduce the administrative burden, we are moving towards digitization by launching e-certificates. In line with IMO FAL Guidelines for the use of electronics certificates (FAL 5/Circ.39/Rev 2), the electronic certificates have the following features:


  1. Online verification of authenticity;
  2. Protected from edits, modifications or revisions other than authorized by IMC Class;
  3. A Unique Tracking Number (UTN) used for verification;
  4. A printable and visible symbol (QR code) that confirms the source of issuance with easy access from the mobile devices.


To verify an e-certifcates, simply click on the below button and  enter the UTN, as requested or by scanning the QR code in the certificates. In the event that a certificate is not valid, the relevant message will appear.

Company UTN Verification

E-certification user manual is required to be placed on board for proper guidance.

Please contact us for more information